Frequently Asked Questions



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can you help me set up my new nonprofit?

Yes! I have assisted hundreds of organizations complete the start up process, including forming a nonprofit corporation and applying for tax-exempt status with the IRS. 

Do you work with private foundations?

Yes. I am familiar with the multiple layers of complexity that apply to private foundations, including the self-dealing rules, the excess business holding rules, expenditure responsibility rules, and more. 

Do you work with Donors?

Yes. If you are looking to make a large charitable donation and aren't sure how to structure it, I can help. There are many options available to you, including a pledge, a grant agreement, a donor advised fund, or setting up your own private foundation or supporting organization.

Can you help me with my form 990?

While I do not prepare Form 990 for you, I can help your accountant, bookkeeper or treasurer complete the narrative portions of the form and help to answer or interpret the questions on the form or its schedules. The Form 990 is unique in that it combines a legal, tax, and disclosure document in one form. 

Will you work with us if we are not a 501(c)(3) organization?

Yes, I have previously assisted many types of 501(c) organizations on legal matters, including:

  • Advocacy and Social Welfare Groups - 501(c)(4) 
  • Trade Associations - 501(c)(6)
  • Social Clubs - 501(c)(7)
  • Cemeteries - 501(c)(13)
  • Credit Unions - 501(c)(14)


Do you offer pro bono services?

The short answer is no. My passion is working with nonprofit organizations. This is my career and I invest significant time and energy to effectively advocate for my clients and their causes. 

I give back to my own community by volunteer nonprofit board service and also annual charitable giving. I do not offer free legal services at this time. 

A note about pro bono:

If you are fortunate enough to have a pro bono attorney, please ensure your pro bono attorney is a good fit with the legal needs of your organization. 

Keep in mind not all attorneys are experienced in tax-exempt legal issues. I have assisted a few nonprofits in getting out of a bad legal situation when they received inadequate free legal assistance. This ended up costing much more than if the organizations had received the right advice in the first place. 

Be sure to ask your pro bono attorney about their nonprofit legal experience. If your nonprofit is working in a specialized area or dealing with a unique issue, make sure your attorney is prepared to help your organization at the level needed. For example, a real estate attorney may not be the best choice to help set up your social advocacy group. If the free legal services aren't adequate, they can end up costing your organization in the long run.