I do not aim to be the cheapest option for your nonprofit. I aim to provide quality services that meet the goals of your organization at good value.



Flat Fee Services

Form 1023-EZ

$250 — I will assist you in completing Form 1023-EZ, including any follow up inquiries from the IRS. Please see pricing below if you also need organizing documents.

Form 1023 completion

Form 1023 pricing depends upon the size and complexity of your organization:

  • $1,500 for public charities with projections of less than five hundred thousand dollars in assets or annual gross income in the first five years and straightforward operations
  • $2,500 for other public charities with straightforward operations
  • $3,500 for private nonoperating foundations

Other organizations, such as supporting organizations or organizations with complex operations should inquire for a customized estimate. Examples of complex operations would include a hospital, land trusts, a significant joint venture, hospitals, or an organization that is spinning off from an existing organization. 

The pricing noted above will include standard organizing documents for Maine or Wisconsin (see below). If you are preparing your own Form 1023, please see my review services for a lower cost option.

Form 1024 completion

Form 1024 pricing depends upon the size and complexity of your organization. Most Form 1024 projects can be completed for $2,500, but additional costs apply for complex, high-risk or unusual organization. For example, a Form 1024 for a Health Management Organization (HMO) would require a customized estimate. Form 1024 pricing typically includes initial organizing documents, as set forth below. 

Initial organizing documents

For organizations in Wisconsin or Maine, I will typically provide standard 501(c) organizing documents for a new organization for $1,000. These documents include:

  • Articles of Incoropration
  • Bylaws
  • Recommended corporate policies

Revisions to documents are limited to two rounds and additional charges will apply for private foundations, organizations with voting members, and for other complex structures or organizations.

    Hourly Services

    Hourly Rates

    Hourly rates start at $250 an hour. Smaller organizations with less than $100,000 in annual gross income and total assets of less than $100,000 are eligible for a discounted $175 hourly rate.  

    On Demand and alternative fees

    Please contact me if you would like to discuss an alternative fee arrangement. For example, alternative fee arrangements may be available for:

    • Legal hotline services for your nonprofit for day to day legal issues encountered
    • Preparation for board or membership meetings
    • Form 990 review services
    • Flat rates for ongoing and reasonably anticipated legal needs within your nonprofit organization

    Review Services

    If you are completing your own organizing documents and/or IRS application, I offer the following services:

    • $100 - I will review your articles of incorporation and bylaws for compliance with section 501(c)(3) and communicate any recommended changes in writing or by phone.
    • $500 - I will review your completed Form 1023 or Form 1024 application and provide one teleconference with you to summarize recommended changes as well as highlight and discuss areas that could be troublesome for your application.Any follow-up calls or revisions would be charged at hourly rates.